Well-Respected Thought Leaders

University of New Haven faculty and staff regularly collaborate with government entities or private corporations. These affiliations enhance the visibility of the University and the world-class work that’s taking place here and enrich the learning experiences of all students.

External funding strengthens faculty research, 教学, and creative activities; contributes to the educational experience of students; offers opportunities for expanded curricular, 编程, and outreach activities; and provides additional visibility for the innovative research and scholarly activities that are being conducted at the University.

研究ers and Projects

Whether it’s externally funded research, collaborative activities, 出版物, pedagogical inquiry, faculty-mentored student research, or contributions to their professions and the public, University of New Haven scholars have a wide range of interests. Opportunities for students to engage in research, service learning, and international studies abound.



Student research is an important component of a transformational University of New Haven educational experience.


Policies and Guidelines for Sponsored Projects Administration

The Office of 奖助金 and 赞助项目 (OGSP) works with faculty and staff to ensure compliance with sponsor requirements for pre-award submissions and post-award management of external proposals and awards.


NASA Space Grant funds professor’s work to thwart bacteria on spaceships

Peabody Award-winning filmmaker supported by National Endowment for the Humanities