Be Part of a Welcoming and Accepting Community

The University of New Haven is committed to fostering a campus climate based on mutual respect and 包容, one in which people from diverse backgrounds feel valued, 接受, 和欣赏.


The many cultures represented in the University’s campus community create an especially vibrant environment that fosters personal growth and exploration.

The rich tapestry of the University of New Haven community helps instill in our students the compassion and empathy they will need as the world’s future leaders, 创新者, 解决问题的人. Each member of our community plays a role in fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment that we can all be proud of.

Accessibility Resources Center

The Accessibility Resources Center provides comprehensive services and support that serve to promote educational 股本 and ensure that students are able to participate in all the opportunities available at the University.


Office of 研究生 and International 学生生活

The Office of 研究生 and International 学生生活 works to foster an inclusive and supportive environment to ensure every international and graduate student has a positive and enriching experience during their time at the University.


Myatt Center for 多样性 and 包容

The Myatt Center plans programs and activities that promote cultural diversity, 意识, and sensitivity throughout the campus community.


包容, 多样性, 股本, and Access (IDEA) Council

The mission of the 包容, 多样性, 股本, and Access (IDEA) Council is to serve as an advisory group to the president and campus community, providing strategic advice and recommendations based on observations, 报告, and monitoring concerning diversity at the University of New Haven.


精神生活 and 校园部

We are a community of many faiths and spiritual and philosophical traditions. As part of our diversity, 股本, 包容, 访问, and belonging (DEIAB) efforts, we are committed to assuring students that whatever their perspective – from devout to spiritual but not religious to atheist – they will be included and experience a sense of belonging in our Charger community.